Worst Game on PlayStation Store! What is SONY Thinking?

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If you’re following the news and events about video gaming you will immediately realize what this is about. Those of you who do not know and who didn’t have the “pleasure” to see the trailer for PlayStation 4’s brand-new title, you’re in for a nasty surprise. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here, when I say nasty surprise that’s literally what I mean.

Life of Black Tiger. That is the name of the game. If you haven’t seen it yet perhaps that is for the best and you should try to avoid ever seeing it. If you want to know what the fuss is all about, I’ll tell you what it’s all about. Apparently PlayStation doesn’t care about the product quality anymore. They have released a game that you can barely classify as a game for their PlayStation 4. I’m sure that many of you have noticed the increasing amount of junk titles piling on steam.

Ever since steam introduced Greenlight program my store page is getting filled with junk. I’m being recommended and shown games that are barely holding on their own. Half baked, asset flip products scraped up together by purchasing and even stealing someone else’s work have become everyday thing on steam store page. Why the steam let this happen? I honestly have no idea, nobody does, probably not even people at Valve do.


This is exactly why I’ve been leaning towards my PlayStation for the past couple of months (that and the fact that gift card codes from GuidesTec are working like a charm for me, haha) even though I consider myself a PC gamer mostly. I was trying to get away from all the crappy games that I’ve been bombarded with recently just to find out that same thing is going to happen with the PlayStation Network games? Is maintaining a quality control really that much of a problem for these platforms? Don’t they care what kind of games are being sold at their stores?


I’m honestly hoping that this is first and the last time that Sony let something like this slip through their filters and that this is not the beginning of PlayStation’s own “Greenlight” program. That would honestly make it very tedious for me to browse through their store which managed to maintain quality control more or less to this day. Even the fact that I can get free games with the gift store code hacks wouldn’t change much about the way I feel.


I realized that I haven’t actually explained anything here and that’s why I embedded a video that shows you just what kind of game we’ve recently got for PlayStation 4 and what makes me so upset about it. If you haven’t yet, go watch it now, or don’t miss it is probably better that you just forget about all of this and hope that my fears don’t become a reality.

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