Hello there respectable jr. sleuths, my name is James Dooley and this is JokeSleuth.net

As you can probably guess from my blog, I’m a very all-round guy with many hobbies and interests so naturally, my blog is pretty much an all-rounder itself. I was born in the States, back in the ’88 when many groundbreaking things were happening for the first time and a lot of interesting technologies that we are using today are still being researched and developed. Due to these occurrences during my childhood I have developed for many different things in my early days and somehow I managed to maintain my interest for most of them up until this point in my life.

Despite being a man of many hobbies and interests eventually I had to choose my priorities so I decided to study journalism. I was torn between art and journalism but eventually I option for the latter while still continuing to practice painting and drawing in my free time.

The way I see it, journalism touches on many different themes and topics so while I’m actually doing my job I might be able to write about things that I actually care about and that interest me? Wouldn’t you agree?

Eventually as I was moving forward in my “career”I have developed a very fond connection with my work that at some point I started viewing it purely as a hobby. In other words I managed to marry my profession with my interests and enjoyments. Which brought me to this website.

Now the website on it’s own is not much not yet at least but, I am a very diligent and very committed person when it comes to things that actually interest me. By the end of the 2017 I have set a goal for myself and my website to amass at least 2000 likes and followers on social media like Facebook and Twitter and to have at least 10.000 monthly visitors on this website.

I will be covering themes such as:

  • Art
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Video Gaming

As well as everything else that someone interested in these things may find interesting.

This way I am able to constantly keep in touch with the things that I’m interested in while simultaneously working as a journalist and improving my own skills. I hope what I do here is interesting to you and you keep coming back for more of my content, that would mean a lot to me but I’m not going to ask you to do it, I’m going to make you want to do it. That I promise you!